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Borealis - Nominated for the ‘CIRCUMAT’ at the Energy Globe Awards

One of the essential elements in creating a Circular Economy is designing products for recyclability with optimum levels of quality and performance in their second life. Based on extensive know-how about polyolefins - polyethylene and polypropylene – as well as expertise from within mtm plastics and Ecopolast - the two recycling companies fully-owned by Borealis - there are now 10 Codes of Conduct for polyolefin packaging designers to adopt. These Codes provide critical guidelines how to maximise the quality and quantity of packaging materials that can be recycled, while at the same time supporting the achievement of recycling targets and contributing to a more sustainable transition to a Circular Economy.

Inspired by the EU Commission's vision for increased levels of recycling and the targets of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, brand owners worldwide are committing to developing 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging solutions by 2025. These Codes help designers develop packaging materials that can be successfully recycled and used again in either the same application or other products.

Click here for a copy of the 10 Codes of Conduct for Design for Recyclability or contact

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