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Bridging the circularity gap: Turning conversations into action through radical collaboration

The world is talking about circularity more than ever before, signaling increased awareness of the need to break away from our linear make-use-dispose model to protect the future of our planet.

The latest Circularity Gap Report from Circle Economy starts on a positive note, highlighting this significant rise in discussions. Yet, the report points to a gap between words and action, noting that while conversation grows, the actual use of secondary materials has fallen from 9.1% to 7.2% over five years.

Despite these challenges, it provides hope that we can get back on track, highlighting 12 actionable strategies, tailored to suit the priorities, challenges, and opportunities of different country profiles. Combined, these strategies have the potential to reshape our economic system to center reuse, sustainability, and social justice.

The report is clear that the path forward demands radical collaboration, with government and industry leaders needing to work together to create an economy that operates within the planet's safe limits.

The EverMinds platform shares both this vision and this mission – we believe that it is only through far-reaching collaboration that we can accelerate the shift to plastic circularity. We therefore welcome the report and the opportunity it presents to partners across the value chain to unite in bold, coordinated action.

To find out more about how to make this shift and why it's essential for our shared future, explore the full report.

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