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Driving the Sustainable Plastics Industry Transformation: A Collaborative Endeavor

The partnership between VTT, one of European leading research institutions based in Finland, and Borealis exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change. Borealis and VTT recently discussed synergies in achieving the strategic objectives of the SPIRIT programme.

The goal of the SPIRIT programme is to drive the Sustainable Plastics Industry Transformation, and to build an extensive ecosystem around the entire value chain to address this vital transformation required within the industry at large.

Satu Kosonen-Kaija, Managing Director of Borealis Polymers Oy, underscores VTT's pivotal role in the Finnish circular economy ecosystem, particularly in SPIRIT research projects. Antti Vasara, VTT’s President & CEO, emphasizes the importance of broad expertise and cooperation in achieving SPIRIT's ambitious goals.

VTT's extensive knowledge in sustainable chemistry enriches its collaborative efforts with Borealis. Antero Laitinen, Manager of Process Chemistry Development at VTT, highlights the Bioruukki Pilot Centre's advanced infrastructure supporting Borealis' objectives. The partnership between Borealis and VTT exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.


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