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Embrace circularity with our new Bornewables™ portfolio

Introducing the Bornewables™, our new portfolio of circular polyolefin products. Manufactured with renewable feedstocks, these premium polyolefins offer the same material performance as virgin polyolefins, yet decoupled from fossil based feedstock.

Innovative Bornewables products may be used in a wide range of applications in various industries, and are even suitable for food-contact packaging and healthcare applications.

Unlike renewable feedstocks produced with agricultural crops grown for food and livestock feed, the Bornewables are made of renewably-sourced feedstocks derived solely from waste and residue streams: from vegetable oil production as well as oil waste and residues; the timber industry; the food industry – for instance, used cooking oil. From a sustainability perspective, re-using waste to manufacture renewable feedstocks further enhances the Bornewables appeal.

At the beginning of 2020, Borealis began producing polypropylene (PP) based on renewably-sourced feedstocks at our facilities in Kallo and Beringen, Belgium, a milestone on the journey to replacing fossil fuel-based feedstocks in the large-scale commercial production of PP.

Circular Economy

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