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Revolutionizing the recyclability of food packaging through value chain collaboration

At EverMinds™, we believe that it will take a whole community to gain momentum and to reach a truly circular economy. TRUCE, is a project that does just that. It is a Belgian inter-cluster R&D business project in which various stakeholders from the entire value chain come together to achieve a common goal: to develop new building blocks for functional, flexible packaging solutions, which can be combined into fully recyclable monopolyethylene (PE) structures (more than 95% PE). TRUCE (“True Recycling Upscaling of Flexible Packaging in the Plastic Circular Economy”) was launched in January 2021 by Catalisti and Flanders’ FOOD.

The TRUCE project is living the spirit of EverMinds™ in accelerating action on circularity.

Up until now the project has resulted in some exciting progress in the realm of using recyclable packaging structures for specific high-barrier applications. A recyclability protocol has also been developed, allowing the improvement of the recyclability of the newly developed structures in state of the art recycling facilities, increasing their speed to market. As well as many other achievements.

An LCA was also carried out to measure the environmental impact of the newly-developed monomaterial solutions compared to conventional, non-recyclable film. The results showing a favorable outcome with reduction in CO2.

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