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The Mass Balance Model

Today, we all use plastic for its many properties and benefits. But we need these benefits to come with no cost to the planet.

To achieve this we must make and use plastics more sustainably and ultimately in more circular ways, using recycled and renewable feedstocks. That change is not as simple as flipping a switch. It’s a journey. And, we need to make visible progress as of now. Chain of Custody models can help move us forward by increasing the proportions of sustainable feedstocks we use. And right now, we believe the best chain of custody model is with Mass Balance. It offers us the greatest set of benefits and the best path to visible progress for circular plastics, while building stakeholder trust in the right Chain of Custody model. This will help us to track, trace and verify the sustainability of those feedstocks throughout the chain to make it more visible and tangible.

For more information on the Mass Balance Model, watch out for new posts on our LinkedIn.

How chain of custody models, led by Mass Balance, can help push us forward towards plastic circularity?

Circular Economy

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