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Borealis - Nominated for the ‘CIRCUMAT’ at the Energy Globe Awards

Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of virgin and recycled polyolefins, is proud to have been nominated for the CIRCUMAT project, a collaborative initiative with partners from along the value-chain including Borealis, Erema, Greiner, Innplast LAVU, Lindner and the JKU together with TCKT. This project focused on enabling the production of high-quality recyclates and was nominated in the category ‘Sustainable Plastics’ at the Energy Globe Awards. This nomination also signifies how value-chain partners work together to further establish circular thinking in the industry.

Launched in 2000, the Energy Globe Awards, were founded by the Energy Globe Foundation and with over 187 participating countries today, is one the world's most significant environmental awards. The Awards are presented to projects focusing on energy efficiency, resource conservation and the use of renewable energies. In 2016, a new category, ‘Sustainable Plastics’, was added to the ‘World Prize for Sustainability’.

The aim of the Energy Globe Award is to raise awareness of how environmental challenges are solved and to demonstrate that everyone can make a positive contribution. In the special category ‘Sustainable Plastics’, Borealis together with its partners in the joint ‘Circumat’ project, was rewarded with a nomination for its efforts.

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