Accelerating Action on Circularity

Welcome to the circular revolution.
A revolution that’s world-critical and urgent.
Because today, we take, we make, we dispose.
It’s linear, it’s wasteful, it’s unsustainable. It has to change.
Plastics are versatile, efficient, convenient and safe.
But we need these benefits to come at no cost to the planet.
In short, we need to re-mould the plastic value chain to make it circular.

So this is EverMinds™.

A platform to help unlock progress and accelerate that change.
To open and expand minds on plastic circularity.
To promote and celebrate action and answers.
To bring stakeholders, influencers and circular game-changers together.
Uncompromising on quality and performance.
Together, a catalyst for better outcomes for all. Profit, people and planet.
It’s a journey to get there. But we need momentum.
It will take a whole community. Connected, collaborative, creative.
EverMind-ful. Ever-restless. Ever-innovative, Ever-better.

Be a part of the circular revolution for plastic. Be a part of EverMinds™.

No time to waste

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) Collaboration bringing a circular future forward

Today, we’re still far from a circular reality, but with stakeholder collaboration and increased investments, we can make systemic change to close the loop on plastic waste.

Discover how EPR schemes work

What EverMinds™ stands for

  • Mindfulness

    We take action to shift
    towards a circular

  • Quality

    We strive to deliver premium
    performance whilst caring
    for the environment

  • Collaboration

    Only together we can
    shape a better

  • Pioneering

    We are constantly innovating our
    product portfolio; the reason
    our clients choose us

Latest News

  • Project STOP Jembrana Hands Over the Program to the Local Government

  • Borealis to acquire Rialti S.p.A., a leading European producer of recycled polypropylene compounds

  • Supporting this once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle plastic pollution

  • Borealis showcases a new PP monomaterial pouch that is fully compatible for mechanical recycling of polypropylene at PRSE 2023

  • Borealis Bornewables™ polymers for personal hygiene fabrics help PFNonwovens Group accelerate its journey towards climate neutrality

  • Project STOP marks major milestones and expands waste collection services to over 300,000 people

  • Neste, Borealis, Uponor, Wastewise Group enable chemical recycling of hard-to-recycle plastic waste into new high-quality plastic pipes

  • Borealis demonstrates commitment to the highest sustainability standards with ISCC PLUS certification for Ecoplast site

  • Borealis acquires a majority stake in Renasci signalling on-going commitment to leading the transformation to a circular economy

  • Borealis advances plastics circularity with the first-of-its-kind Borcycle™ M commercial-scale advanced mechanical recycling plant

  • Borealis Bornewables™ grade enables Tupperware® to extend its reusable and recyclable ECO+ product line for even greater sustainability

  • On presents the first ever shoe made from carbon emissions in partnership with LanzaTech, Borealis and Technip Energies

  • Borealis and Trexel develop new reusable and fully recyclable lightweight bottle

  • Borealis introduces Borvida™, a portfolio of circular base chemicals, to feed a future that is circular in both plastic and in carbon

  • Borealis and Reclay Group form new joint entity, Recelerate, to make plastic circularity a reality

  • Major milestone achieved: Project STOP Muncar reaches economic autonomy and hands over the programme to the city government

  • P4G becomes partner of Project STOP Banyuwangi

  • Borealis and Reclay Group establish a unique strategic partnership to tackle the challenge of plastic packaging waste and its recycling

  • Borealis acquires minority stake in UK-based sustainable packaging innovator Bockatech

  • Jokey intensifies cooperation with Borealis

  • Renewably-sourced feedstock being tested at Borealis cracker in Stenungsund, Sweden

  • Uponor Infra and Borealis collaborate to create a gravity plastic pipe with up to 70 % CO2 reduction

  • Pioneering digital watermarks for smart packaging recycling in the EU – launch of cross-value chain initiative to drive circular economy goals

  • Borealis acquires a minority stake in Renasci N.V. to jointly develop novel recycling solutions

  • Borealis and Renasci reach an exclusive agreement enabling Borealis to offer commercial volumes of chemically recycled base chemicals and polyolefins since May 2021

  • Greiner Packaging produces first cup prototypes made of Bornewables™ – a portfolio of premium polyolefins designed for circularity by Borealis

  • Borealis’ Bornewables portfolio of circular polypropylene solutions proven to substantially reduce carbon emissions

  • True to its EverMinds™ mind-set, Borealis drives collaborative project in Sweden to increase supply of chemically recycled feedstock for the manufacture of more circular base chemicals and plastic products

  • Borealis and TOMRA open state-of-the-art plant for post-consumer plastic waste sorting and advanced mechanical recycling

  • Borealis to gain International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) for all its European polyolefin production sites