Accelerating Action on Circularity

Welcome to the circular revolution.
A revolution that’s world-critical and urgent.
Because today, we take, we make, we dispose.
It’s linear, it’s wasteful, it’s unsustainable. It has to change.
Plastics are versatile, efficient, convenient and safe.
But we need these benefits to come at no cost to the planet.
In short, we need to re-mould the plastic value chain to make it circular.

So this is EverMinds™.

A platform to help unlock progress and accelerate that change.
To open and expand minds on plastic circularity.
To promote and celebrate action and answers.
To bring stakeholders, influencers and circular game-changers together.
Uncompromising on quality and performance.
Together, a catalyst for better outcomes for all. Profit, people and planet.
It’s a journey to get there. But we need momentum.
It will take a whole community. Connected, collaborative, creative.
EverMind-ful. Ever-restless. Ever-innovative, Ever-better.

Be a part of the circular revolution for plastic.
Be a part of EverMinds™.

The Mass Balance Model

Today, we all use plastic for its many properties and benefits. But we need these benefits to come with no cost to the planet. To achieve this we must make and use plastics more sustainably and ultimately in more circular ways, using recycled and renewable feedstocks. That change is not as simple as flipping a switch. It’s a journey. And, we need to make visible progress as of now. Chain of Custody models can help move us forward by increasing the proportions of sustainable feedstocks we use. And right now, we believe the best chain of custody model is with Mass Balance. It offers us the greatest set of benefits and the best path to visible progress for circular plastics, while building stakeholder trust in the right Chain of Custody model. This will help us to track, trace and verify the sustainability of those feedstocks throughout the chain to make it more visible and tangible.

For more information on the Mass Balance Model, check out our video and watch out for new posts on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Latest News

  • Borealis acquires a minority stake in Renasci N.V. to jointly develop novel recycling solutions

  • Borealis and Renasci reach an exclusive agreement enabling Borealis to offer commercial volumes of chemically recycled base chemicals and polyolefins since May 2021

  • Greiner Packaging produces first cup prototypes made of Bornewables™ – a portfolio of premium polyolefins designed for circularity by Borealis

  • Borealis’ Bornewables portfolio of circular polypropylene solutions proven to substantially reduce carbon emissions

  • True to its EverMinds™ mind-set, Borealis drives collaborative project in Sweden to increase supply of chemically recycled feedstock for the manufacture of more circular base chemicals and plastic products

  • Borealis and TOMRA open state-of-the-art plant for post-consumer plastic waste sorting and advanced mechanical recycling

  • Borealis to gain International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) for all its European polyolefin production sites

  • Join the dialogue on plastics circularity on our new EverMinds™ blog

  • Porsche and Circularise collaborate with Borealis, Covestro and Domo Chemicals to enable the traceability of plastics in the automotive sector

  • Covestro receives first supply of certified renewable phenol for polycarbonates from Borealis

  • Borealis joins NGOs and businesses' call for UN treaty on plastic pollution

  • ITOCHU, Borealis and Borouge announce collaboration to enable uptake of renewable polypropylene in the Japanese market

  • Borealis and MENSHEN launch new packaging closures made of post-consumer recycled resin to enable more sustainable living

  • Borealis launches the Bornewables™ portfolio of circular, premium polyolefins

  • Siegwerk joins Project STOP to combat plastic pollution in Indonesia

  • Project STOP: Construction starts on waste processing facility in Jembrana, Bali

  • A solution to build back better after the Covid-19: The Circular Economy

  • Project STOP update: Latest achievements in Muncar, Indonesia

  • Borealis producing certified renewable polypropylene at own facilities in Belgium

  • Pasuruan regency partners with Project STOP and Nestlé to create a sustainable waste management and help reduce ocean plastic pollution

  • Borealis to supply up to 100% certified renewable PP spunbond and meltblown grades

  • Always ‘evermindful’, in all parts of the business

  • Project STOP receives renowned ADIPEC Award

  • MUST WATCH for all packaging designers - 10 Codes of Conduct for Design for Recyclability

  • Borealis becomes a Core Partner of the New Plastics Economy initiative led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

  • EverMinds™ – Borealis moves to drive a more circular mindset with Borcycle™ quality brand recycled polyolefins for premium performance in demanding applications

  • Borealis and Neste begin strategic co-operation to accelerate circularity and bioeconomy in plastics

  • Borealis steps up its commitment to plastics recycling with an investment at the Ecoplast location

  • Borealis signs Declaration of the Circular Plastics Alliance

  • Alliance to End Plastic Waste joins Project STOP to help tackle plastic waste in the environment in Indonesia

  • What EverMinds™ stands for

    • Mindfulness

      We take action to shift
      towards a circular

    • Quality

      We strive to deliver premium
      performance whilst caring
      for the environment

    • Collaboration

      Only together we can
      shape a better

    • Pioneering

      We are constantly innovating our
      product portfolio; the reason
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