Thinking Circular

The incredible versatility of plastics has been a key ingredient in the development of the world we live in today. Plastics make our life more efficient, convenient and safe. However, in its diversity lies also the challenge with the various environmental concerns currently debated throughout society. In this world of finite resources, a transition must be made from the linear model of “take-make-dispose” to the circular model of keeping materials in use.

Borealis, as a leader in the polyolefin industry, aspires to show commitment and to inspire partners and customers by designing sustainable solutions for a better future.

This is why we created EverMindsTM.

EverMindsTM is a platform that brings stakeholders together to constantly innovate our technologies and product portfolio with circularity of plastics at the core. With our latest acquisitions and collaborations, we have already started building upon that promise: The circular economy an integral part of our daily business, delivering premium performance whilst caring for the environment.

The platform is a catalyst for better economic, environmental and societal outcomes and an inspiration constantly reminding us to always act consciously with the lifecycle of materials in mind.

Because thinking circular today will provide us,
our partners and society with a better tomorrow.

What EverMinds™ stands for

  • Mindfulness

    We take action to shift
    towards a circular

  • Quality

    We strive to deliver premium
    performance whilst caring
    for the environment

  • Collaboration

    Only together we can
    shape a better

  • Pioneering

    We are constantly innovating our
    product portfolio; the reason
    our clients choose us